The Summer Learning Collaborative $25,000.00 Grant Recipient

The Summer Learning Collaborative
The Summer Learning Collaborative
Catherine Lindroth
The Summer Learning Collaborative
Wilmington , DE

About The Summer Learning Collaborative

At SummerCollab, we are acting on research that’s often overlooked. We know that low income children - when they are out of school – are most vulnerable. Measurably, they are more challenged in summer months by violence and immense learning disparities. Indeed, summer is the most unequal time in America.

Every summer, the average low-income student loses around three months of learning, as measured by test scores. This has an immense and cumulative impact on low-income youth. Academic studies suggest “summer learning loss” is responsible for as much as two-thirds of the achievement gap between affluent and disadvantaged students.

That’s why, at SummerCollab we start with summer. We focus there. We bring to bear the focus of hundreds of teachers, aspiring school leaders, college students, and cultural assets there. Together, we have unified a strategy, a cadence, a data system, a curriculum, an AmeriCorps program - all focused on making summer smarter for nearly 3,000 low income youth in our community.

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