Breast Treatment Task Force $25,000.00 Grant Recipient

Breast Treatment Task Force
Breast Treatment Task Force
Janice Zaballero and Julia Smith
Breast Treatment Task Force
New York , NY

About Breast Treatment Task Force

Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF) is a grassroots organization committed to providing free breast screening, diagnostic follow-up, and treatment to low-income patients without access to health insurance in New York City. The organization was founded on the belief that all individuals should have access to these services regardless of age, race, financial status, and accessibility to health insurance. Since its inception in 2007, BTTF has facilitated over $17 million in medical services. Janice Zaballero and Dr. Julia Smith, in partnership with the Project Renewal Scan Van team developed the BTTF program model utilizing available capacity at private imaging centers to expand access for patients who could otherwise not afford breast care. BTTF programs eliminate the financial barrier to procedures that would otherwise cause patients to skip or delay breast care.

BTTF serves a unique population that falls outside Medicaid and Essential Plan programs. The average BTTF patient earns $35,000 per year; too much to receive government assistance, but not enough to buy health insurance for $300 per month.

BTTF constructed two networks: a network of private imaging centers willing to donate a significant portion of unused capacity, and a network of large community referral partners to identify low-income patients. This model offers an example of how to efficiently provide breast cancer screening, diagnostic services and treatment at top-tier facilities for non-Medicaid-eligible women.

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