Appetite For Change, Inc. $100,000.00 Grand Prize Recipient

Appetite For Change, Inc.
Appetite For Change, Inc.
LaTasha Powell, Michelle Horovitz & Princess Titus
Appetite For Change, Inc.
Minneapolis , MN

About Appetite For Change, Inc.

Appetite For Change, Inc. (AFC) uses innovative social enterprise programs to develop a community-led food system, create jobs, build strong communities and reduce generational poverty. They grow food, families, leaders and community… planting seeds to build social change and justice.

North Minneapolis is named one of the fifth largest food deserts in the country, but in reality, the neighborhood is a food “swamp” where large amounts of energy-dense snack foods and fast foods vastly outnumber healthy food options. In 2013 AFC youth conducted a food-assessment along the main commercial corridor, where they found 36 fast food, carryout, fried-food restaurants, or convenience stores. There is only one main grocery store to serve over 60,000 residents. 

The systems that perpetuate the inequitable food system include: lack of land access; statutes and regulations that make urban agriculture less accessible for low-income residents and people of color; and limited resources to support equity within the existing food environment. Food is at the heart of a healthy and wealthy community and creates opportunity to unlock cycles of generational poverty and oppression.

The three co-founders of Appetite For Change (AFC) met randomly, but fortuitously. Michelle, a recovering lawyer, Tasha a struggling vegetarian, and Princess, a “refugee” from Chicago all came together around their love of food and North Minneapolis. All three women convened in 2011 to explore how food could be used as a tool for developing a community-based program that creates health, wealth and social change. While all were novice farmers, home cooks and mothers, these women have very different backgrounds, but food blurred the lines between them. They wanted to create something that is led and owned by North Minneapolis community members.

 In 2012 AFC was born out of their community cooking dialogues where Northsiders came together to cook, eat and dialogue about the change they wanted to see in themselves, their families and the community. These early dialogues around the table became the framework for their flagship cooking program, and laid the foundation for all of AFC’s work.  In their first 5 years, they employed over 150 people, facilitated more than 350 cooking workshops and have served thousands of community members.

Tasha, Michelle and Princess believe that food justice is the true opportunity to unlock cycles of generational poverty and oppression. Food is at the heart of a healthy and wealthy community, and they are dedicated to doing that in North Minneapolis and beyond. 

The following programs and initiatives help AFC work toward a more equitable North Minneapolis food system:

Community Cooks | Workshops that bring people together to cook, eat and learn from one another.
Urban Agriculture | Farm plots growing produce to supply our workshops, café and the community. Good Food Movement | Food justice policy & advocacy to develop leaders, build capacity and take action. 
Breaking Bread Café & Catering | A restaurant that is increasing access to “real food” while providing culinary arts and food service management training. 
Food Incubation | Shared commissary kitchen space and training for emerging small food businesses. Youth Training & Opportunity | Engaging youth in every facet of the organization to build job readiness and leadership skills.

For more information visit and on social media @appetiteforchange and @afcmn